Monday, October 6, 2014

somewhere between hot and cold

sweatshirt: jcrew
skirt: zara (trafaluc)

Today's outfit post is a quick one. The weather has been stuck somewhere between hot and cold, so a miniskirt and sweatshirt felt appropriate. It's been a recent theme of mine, maybe because the atmosphere in the bay area has been a bit of a greyscale lately, so once again I'm wearing grey and white.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simple Shades

sweater: h&m, skirt: h&m, boots: zara

I know I'm not alone at the moment in saying that I am completely in love with turtlenecks!

Nothing feels more fall then a cozy white sweater. I kept the palette simple today with shades of black and white. The weather in Northern California is so finicky  - it's been hot one day (or even moment!), and freezing the next - which made this skirt a good option.

Are you getting into the turtleneck craze of the moment? I can't wait to layer my turtleneck tops under sweaters when the temperature drops a bit more.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to: Vintage the Right Way (Gingham) + Modern Counterparts

This amazing vintage dress was handmade in France. Looking at it however, the first thought that came to my mind was not "this looks dated," which can be an issue with many vintage items. Gingham is a major trend right now, and looks great paired with fall sweaters.

Vintage has the power to be so cool, but it can also look like a costume gone wrong.  With that in mind, when picking vintage pieces the most important rule that I consider is:

Is the essence of this piece current?

If it echoes a current trend in cut, fabric, pattern, etc -- while complementing my shape -- there's no way it will end up looking like a decade costume.

On that note, please take a look at what I'm loving from the gingham trend at the moment. Links below.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Neutrals for the First Day of Fall

blouse: h&m, skirt: madewell, sandals: zara, clutch: vanessa (vintage) 

I'm really excited because (as I'm sure you probably know) today is the first day of autumn!! Still - in California we're having Indian Summer right now, so it doesn't quite feel like it just yet. It's pretty much been hot in the day lately, but you know you need to bring along a seriously warm jacket for the moment the sun sets!
I love basic neutral looks, and have been transitioning them into the fall season recently. I love the color and silky feel of the blouse I'm wearing here. I actually love this hue so much that I'm tempted to purchase half the clothes I see in it! I even have a pair of Madewell sandals this exact shade.
The clutch in this look is a vintage piece, but looks quite current at the moment. There will be more about how to wear vintage in my next post!
Anyway, what's your favorite way to wear neutrals for fall? I'd love to hear!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chunky Scarf + Turtleneck

scarf: h&m, turtleneck: american apparel, skirt: madewell, booties: madewell  
The weather's getting colder! It's almost time to start bundling up. I honestly love sweater weather. It gives you the room to experiment with new ways to layer different cuts and fabrics. I'm looking forward to the crunchy leaves ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall Layers

vest: h&m, top: Uniqlo, jeans: zara


Fall is here! Still, even though that basically means plaid everything, I'm not quite there yet. Still hanging on to a but of summer, I chose a sky blue Uniqlo top today.
The moto vest and moto jeans were inspired by the Fall Madewell catalog, which is basically layers and moto everything.
I took a brief vacation from blogging there for a minute, but with new inspiration welling up with the new season, it feels great to be back!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cream Ruffles and New Shoes

top: forever 21, jeans: zara, shoes: zara, bag: andrew marc new york


Today's look is a cream colored ruffled blouse from Forever 21, black motorcycle style jeans from Zara, and my new black heels from Zara as well.

I've had my eye on these heels for a while, but since I'm not much of an impulse buyer I waited it out until I new I just couldn't resist! They're actually really comfortable. I wore them to a friend's birthday party last night and felt pretty pleased with my decision.

photos by SH Lee